Question Weird RAM Issues with i9-9900KF ?

Jan 15, 2021
Hey everyone, I'm having some issues trying to get all of my ram working.
I recently upgraded from an i3 9100f to an i9 9900kf. I have two sticks of 8gb 2133mHz ddr4 ram from GeIL that worked perfectly fine with the i9 9100f. Now when I use my i9 9900KF with both sticks it won't even post.
To be more specific, with the i3 9100f both sticks appear to work, but with the 9900KF only one of the sticks work even though they are completely identical.
I have come to this conclusion with the following steps:
  1. When I take out stick B (the one that seems to cause trouble), I can boot
  2. Moving stick A (the one that seems to work) into the second slot on the motherboard still allows it to work
  3. When I place in just stick B, it does not boot (but all fans spin), though with the i3 9100f it will
  4. Moving stick B to second slot with i3 9100f does not change behavior
  5. Swapping stick A and stick B does not alter behavior
Motherboard: h310m pro-vdh plus
GPU: Radeon RX 580
PSU: Some seagate 650W (should be more than enough power)

Steps I have taken to try to solve it:
  1. Reflash BIOS
  2. Reseat / check for bent pins (none)
  3. Remove CMOS battery
  4. Play with BIOS settings such as ram freq/volt (to no avail)
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