[SOLVED] Weird random freezes

Apr 9, 2020
This is probably the weirdest problem I have come accross. I am unable to diagnose the faulty part even after hours of testing.

First of all.. my specs are as follows:
CPU: i3 530
dGPU: None
Mobo: Intel DH55TC
RAM: SK Hynix DDR3 1333Mhz 4GB Dual Channel
PSU: Frontech 450w
HDD: 160 GB Toshiba 5400RPM & 160 Toshiba 7200RPM

So the problem is my PC randomly freezes and doesn't repsond anymore and I am forced to cut off power to the PC to shut down. If it was 1 particular problem, I could've hunt it down but it's so random and confusing.

- Sometimes it'll crash from the boot screen. Sometimes during login, sometimes after I have booted to desktop. When it doesn't happen in these 3 stages, then it happens when I launch the browser and load around 10-15 tabs.

- This problem was replicated on both Hard Disks I have.. I tried linux too. Just in case virus was my problem.. But nah. Linux had the same issues..

- A technician arrived last evening, tested then said he needs to test on another harddisk.. I told him that I have linux loaded up on a USB.. So I live boot Linux Mint and boom. I loaded up 100+ tabs.. Literally filled all 4 GB of RAM I had. No freeze, no crash. :3

- Then again, Crystal disk info shows Good health from the S.M.A.R.T. reading. So I just loaded Windows 10 again, it booted fine. Then I started stressing the CPU, alongside running 9 cycles of 32 GB benchmark (Crystal Diskmark) on the same hard disk.. It ran more than 60 minutes and there was no freeze. The only thing that's not being stressed rn is the RAM which sits pretty at 2.1 GB.. - So is faulty RAM responsible for this or faulty HDD? If it's the RAM, then how can linux Live USB run without 0 freezes with RAM maxed out? (But linux installed on the HDD crashes) - If it's the HDD, why didn't it crash in 1 hour of read, write, Stress test?! After the benches were over, I proceeded to close all apps and shut down but as I was closing, it froze.. like always.. What the hell could be wrong?!

- Just ran memtest thrice and all three times, the test got stuck in the 2nd round.. If RAM is faulty, how can linux Mint live session use all RAM without freezing in over 5 hours of test time?