Question Weird Robotic/Echo issue for Tonor Mic, happens about every 15 minutes... Need a fix

Mar 17, 2021

So I have been having an issue with a Microphone, mixer setup, it seems to work perfectly fine for like 15 minutes then it just makes this terrible buzzing echo kind of robotic it seems. I will post the exact models of what I have and the bottom.

The only way I can get it to work is to unplug different cords and re-plug them in, but it will only fix it for like 15 minutes. I have adjusted the gain and put it at 0, turned it all the way up, all the way down, still will happen. I have had to use it for different computers with Windows 10 and macOS, and it still happens... I have made sure there is no overlap of the cords in case its like an interference issue. I just feel like is there anything else I can try that may solve this? Or is it just a broken part, idk maybe someone has had this happen or knows why this might happen. Again it has great audio for like 15 minutes then it just suddenly goes wack. I am using the mixer for phantom power and I also have a USB adapter for it.

Here is all the stuff I am using for the setup... (I know its Amazon links but it's the easiest way to show the exact things I have)


I guess my biggest question is there a specific reason why this happens this way and what could be causing it.

Thank you!


If the buzzing happens with different computers (Windows 10 and MacOS) then the problem may well be within the mic or mixer.

Are those completely independent computer systems: i.e., no common audio, power, video, network connections?

"I am using the mixer for phantom power and I also have a USB adapter for it."

Does the problem end if you stop using the mixer for phantom power and/or remove the USB adapter?

(Noted you mentioned "overlap of cords" but I am thinking more alone the lines of a ground loop.)

Sketch out the connections between all devices: computers, audio, video, network, power.

Are you sure about the 15 minute interval? How consistent is the actual timing? Does anything feel hot when the buzzing echo starts?

Feel the mixer, for example, before use. Continue carefully checking its temperature up and until the buzzing reoccurs.

Are you able to test the microphone and mixer independently - eliminate one or the other as being involved?

Key is to methodically test different physical connections and settings to narrow down to a potential culprit.

Either directly or by elimination.