Weird screen tears in any videos i watch,and games i play???

Marvelous Marv

Nov 5, 2008
The video card i have is the evga 9800gt sc.i just reinstall vista,so i got new nforce drivers,i updated it to sp1,i have the latest directx,i have adobe flash player updated,java updated.when i watch videos online i get this screen tearing issue?it seems like the screen is trying to overlap itself?this is in any format i use flash,wmv,quicktime?the games i play are ghostbusters,devil may cry 4,fallout 3,and serveral others and it happen on all of them...what to do?oh pc spec are amd phenom 9850,4gb of adata,antec 650 ea watts,evga 9800gt sc,ma78gm-s2h mobo