Question (Weird Situation) Can't play Co-op games with friend anymore


Sep 14, 2014
So this is a weird one that I have no idea how to solve. Recently I just moved to the west coast of the US from the East Coast and ever since I have, I can't play any co op games (Risk of Rain 2, L4D2, Remnant from Ashes, etc) with my one friend. Before I moved we were even further away (NJ to TX) and we never had any issues with network connectivity or latency or anything in that realm. Ever since I've gotten on the West Coast (UT, which is closer to TX, might I add) neither one of us can host a co op game without the other experiencing extreme lag usually to the point of disconnecting. My internet in NJ was 100Mbps with a fiber infrastructure and I now have Xfinity also using fiber, but now with 1Gbps speeds. The really weird part is I can still play with other friends (on those same games) with no issues whatsoever. Only when I play with my friend from TX does these network connectivity issues rise up. I am pretty stumped on this on so I thought to ask the internet and see what you guys think.

Thanks :)