Question Weird slow boot times with new RAM (yellow dram led on for a while)


Jul 30, 2020
Hello! I recently built my new PC with the new Ryzen 9 7950x, that requires DDR5 ram so I bought 2x32GB of it from Kingston, 5600mhz, C40 Latency, really good stuff.
I also bought an AM5 Motherboard (ROG STRIX X670E-F), new PSU as well (1000w from Corsair) My PC also boots from an M.2 Drive and before my upgrade it would boot to the windows login in 10-15 seconds or so.
But now my "last BIOS time" is around 50-60 seconds which is quite annoying considering the amount of money I spent on getting a "faster" PC hahaha.
I ran RAM tests and such because the reason why the boot takes so long is when I start the PC, it has to sit with the yellow DRAM error q-led for a small minute before it then goes red CPU for a few seconds, then white VGA and boots.
I have no clue as to why this happens, as the DRAM led should only be on if there is an error right? I have troubleshooted across many forums and it's hard to find anything as the yellow dram light doesn't seem to let anyone get past it, but mine just stops after a while and it boots normally, this is no matter if I am using 1 or 2 ram sticks, what position they are in, if XMP is on or off, etc. It just has to sit there for a while, doing nothing, nothing on the screen and such, all fans are spinning and all lights are on, there is not a single thing wrong with my RAM that I have noticed, it just has to sit there and say there is an error and then goes "oh shoot nevermind there isn't an error here you go" it is really odd haha.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Perhaps there is something wrong with my CPU or motherboard.
Let me know if you need any extra information

Oh yeah and the RAM is compatible with the motherboard
My GPU is an RTX 3090