Question Weird Sound and NOMLOCK

Aug 20, 2021
Hi i am not sure if this is where i am supposed to post this but i recently formatted my pc and i noticed some changes in my pc where they weren't happening befor. 1st the NUMLOCK key is enabled upon startup and i kinda hate it. it would be grateful if you gave me some tips on how to disable it. And 2nd i can hear a small odd noise upon starting and turning off the pc


Start by updating your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

What was the reason you re-formatted your pc?

What other changes are happening that did not, as I understand your post, happen before the recent formatting?

Can you describe the small odd noise you hear? Is the noise heard via the speakers or perhaps from within the case?

Category is fine for now. Depending on details, your post can be left in "Systems" or moved to what may be a more applicable category.

Key is to learn more about the problem(s).


The Numlock state is usually set somewhere from inside the BIOS and Windows will take whatever state the Numlock key is in as its default after install. If you want to change Windows' boot-time keyboard status after-the-fact, you will need to do some registry editing on InitialKeyboardIndicators .

As for the "weird sounds", PCs can make many different sounds. For my PC, it is mostly white noise from my 2x120mm Sunon MagLev front intake fans..