Weird Sound issues through HDMI.


Nov 30, 2012
My HDMI Cable, a Wirelogic Sapphire 3rd revision HDMI, apparently is capable of also acting as a sound cable, however once plugged into my monitor, with integrated speakers, the sound output is still stuck at "S/PDIF" instead of the T22B350's speakers,
how do i use the Speakers through the HDMI

Also does anyone else find it weird that when my games freeze, a buzzing noise comes out of the monitor, even though the monitor's speakers do not detect a sound input....
HDMI cable is supposed to be able to carry sound. There's nothing weird about it and it is not wrong to do so. If it doesn't work right, then there is a problem. The monitor or cable might be damaged in some way, but they're not the only possibilities. You could instead try using a different cable or making sure that your graphics has the right HDMI sound driver.