Question Weird sounds when my RTX 2060 fans turn on?


Dec 1, 2018
Video footage:

So I recently bought this 1 year old RTX 2060 from Ebay and once I turned it on to launch some less power consuming games, I was quite happy with the FPS difference compared to my RX 480 8Gb. Then I launched Space Engineers and heard i this loud vibrating sound. Then I thought it might be my external hdd. To be sure I launched Furmark and did the 1080p benchmark, then I heard it again. So I knew it was my GPU's fans.

After further inspection, the sound only happens, when my fans accelerate, but not when they are already spinning. So there is no cable or something touching the fan. I think there might be something in the ball bearing.

I could not recreate the sound with MSI Afterburner. Only with heavy games and benchmarks.

EDIT: I also tried the trick with holding down 1 fan then trying it, then holding down the other. Both fans make this sound when they accelerate.
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