Question Weird Temps with AIO 5900x

Nov 7, 2020

i just build my new AMD Rig and now i got some weird temps on my CPU. i got a h100i installed with it.

Temps while DL games: 70°
Radiator Fan speed: 850
Pump Speed: 2100

Temps on Prime95: 63
Radiator Fan Speed: 950
Pump Speed: 2100

I only hit those temps (70°) when battlenet or steam is downloading games. on normal use (watching streams while 10 tabs are open in chrome) its 55°

At first I thought, hey, it's probably the 100RPM difference. Wrong thought. When I set the fans to turbo (1900RPM) the CPU has 68 degrees.
Does anyone have an idea why this happens? The 2 screws on the AIO are hand-tightend. im using the pre-applied paste
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Did you install Corsair Ique?
What are you using to monitor the temps?
Ryzen Master is the most accurate.

From the rpm's you listed it sounds as if the cooler is in quite mode.
If you did install Ique then try the pump on Extreme and the fans on Performance.
Then recheck temps.
Nov 7, 2020

yes im using iQue with a Commander Pro.

Im Using Coretemp and HWInfo to Monitor the CPU temp. (tried it with Ryzen Master, same temps)

i tried the quite and extreme/full RPM mode.

it reaches 70° while downloading, 72° while downloading + WoW with 144fps and and 75° with a download, prime95 and WoW open.
Same results on quiet and extreme mode.

when nothing is running at all, its 50°
Your temps aren't throwing up any kind of a red flag.

What is your ambient room temp?
Have you tried increasing or setting a curve on the 3 exhausts fans speeds?
(Thinking that you can only get as much air in as you can get out)

Could try some new thermal paste although it may or may not drop temp too much but every little bit helps.

I'm trying out Noctua's NT-H1 thinking I ordered H2.
And haven't noticed too much difference between it and my go to I have used for yrs on my 3 Corsair coolers and that is Thermaltake's TG7 for about $8.00 a tube from most local Best Buy's.

Corsair has 2 pastes also at Best Buy's
I haven't tried Corsair's so here is a Review

Over the yrs I have tried
IC Diamond, Mx-4 and gone back to TG7 for instant temp reduction.