Question weird user account issues..


Jul 12, 2015
I have a weird user account issue going on and just noticed it.. I am not going to give the true user account name but the example is still the same.. when I go into control panel.. and look under user account. I have one listed.. and that is the administrator.. Daniel24, BUT when I go in under THIS PC and select my C drive.. and click on USERS.. all I see in there is.. Daniel.. then I go into CMD prompt . the prompt itself is listed as \users\Daniel.. when I type in whoami… I get Daniel24.. .. its odd under C/users all I have listed in Daniel and not Daniel24… also in command prompt.. when I type I NET USER.. I get one account Administrator Daniel24.. what gives??


Win 10 Master
So its only showing the different name in one location? in the USERS folder? Or is showing in Cmd as well?

I expect its truncation rules in command prompt and the names displayed are the same users.

As for the User folder name -
In fact, if you create a new user by entering the email address associated with a Microsoft account, Windows uses the first five letters of that email address as the folder name.