Question Weird Windows keyboard issue on laptop ?

Sep 25, 2021
So the issue is when I press Capslock and S at the same time all the other keys on that row will not be pressed. If I hold just capslock and press any keys on that row it will work and if I hold just S and press any keys on that row it will also work. This is a problem because I am using a labtop to play games and I don't have a mouse so I bind capslock to rightclick in order to move and strafe in games.

I have tested this in google, notepad and obviously in games. It happens before I rebind capslock as well so its not the rebinding and neither is it the rightclick because rightclicking with my trackpad using both the 2 finger click gesture, clicking in the bottom right corner as well as using the little book icon key with the function key to right click all don't cause any issues when I test it.

I really need a fix or something for this because while I can strafe while pressing W I can't while pressing S and its pretty important because I am mainly playing wow classic and its an important way of moving in that game for different types of aoe farming as well as some pvp matchups due to the leeway mechanic in the game.

If your asking why I can't just use my touchpad right click it's because doing the 2 finger rightclick will not work at all on cameras in games for some reason and on my particular touchpad the little corner for that right click is so small that I have to bend my finger and rotate my hand in a awkward way which then leaves me in a awkward position to then move the camera and a lot of the time I will try to be right clicking but it just left clicks instead.

I have deleted all the other language packs I have on my computer as I heard something about that messing with things and it didn't do anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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