Question Weirdest laptop trackpad issue


Mar 13, 2011
When I start my Elitebook 2540p (running Windows 10) when I left click the desktop , i get the context menu as if I have right clicked. Then i can select items in the context menu with a left click. In mouse settings i have the primary click set to Left.
If I load Chrome browser (Using the keyboard) I cannot click in to the address bar with a left click to type however I can click links with a web left click. Right clicks dont seem to do anything in Chrome.
If I load Notepad , I can left click around and can left click menu items , however right clicks dont seem to do anything
I can left click items in the taskbar and system tray as normal but if i left click the Start button I cannot left click programs to launch them.

If I plug in a usb mouse this seems to resolve the problem and the trackpad then appears to work normally.

I though this was maybe a Windows 10 issue but I loaded up a copy of WIndows 7 from a usb drive and had similar issues. I even tried a linux boot cd as was unable to click in that too.

Further thoughts made me think a a hardware issue but why would the trackpad work OK after plugging in a usb mouse. Cant be drivers as it happens under win7 and linux.

Any ideas?