Question Weirdness after PSU change ?

Nov 26, 2020
Good evening/morning/afternoon wherever you are.

I'm very much a beginner at building my own system and am after a little advice regarding troubleshooting.

I recently upgraded my PC to an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 with a new motherboard and new memory. following getting all that in and establishing that it was working fine, I took the plunge and fitted a new PSU. This appears to be where my issues started.

On starting the computer up a number of USB devices appear to have died (they were tested following this on a separate laptop using a powered hub), and the display has been acting funny.
By funny what I mean is that it will randomly go black with a very audible click for several seconds. The power light remains green, and it comes back to life after a couple of seconds.

I am running a 2 (almost 3) year old graphics card (Asus GEFORCE 1060), but prior to this, it's been no trouble at all. The full system specs are as follows:

AMD Ryzen 5 3600
ASUS ROG B450 Motherboard
16Gb of Corsair LPX RAM running at 3200MHZ
AOC G2778VQ running to the GPU display port
AEROCOOL Integrator 750W Semi-Modular Power Supply.

Grateful for any pointers as to what might be causing the monitor to blackout with that audible click? The main concern is that the monitor or the motherboard is going to get bricked as the other USB devices did (2x Thrustmaster MFDs and a Thrustmaster WARTHOG throttle).

Thanks much in advance!
Al McL
Sounds LIke you have plugged the usb cable/s in to the wrong receptacles, or not at all or used wrong plugs and are shorting out your board. Can you take pics of ALL your connections you plugged in with your new psu? If not I recommend taking it to a shop to have them take a look before you do brick the board.


What was the original PSU? It's a little troubling that you upgraded to a fairly low-quality PSU. Assuming (hopefully) that your previous PSU isn't actually worse, did you swap it back in and see if the problems were still present?