Weirdness on fresh boots


Jan 1, 2002
Funky problem: Whever I boot win2000, everything freezes up whenever I try to run something, be it a opening a folder, running winamp, or starting IE. It's only a problem for a few minutes right after the boot up, but's it's annoying as hell. I've tried multiple, complete reinstalls of 2000, as well as uninstalling the service packs, but nothing seems to help.

Anyone else experience this? Any suggested fixes?


Oct 2, 2001
Are you using DSL, if so it sounds like it’s taking so long because it’s looking for your IP address for your modem card. You can assign an IP address for your modem. This should work for cable too.
1. Right click on My Network Place icon/Properties
2. Right click on Local Area Connection/Properties
3. Stroll down to Internet Protocol TCP/IP/ double click or click properties
4. Change your IP address to the last number 1 can be anywhere from 1-254, and if you do this to more then one computer the last number must be different from each other.
4. Subnet should be
5. Use your Command Prompt and Type in….ipconfig /all
to get the Subnet mask, Default gateway and DNS

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