Question Well i need help with my laptop

Aug 13, 2022
Well i guess i have nothing else to do so i will ask if anyone can help me.
well i have a laptop a msi ge60 its pretty trash i guess its cooling system is terrible
So getting to point. i cant use it to any heavy task requiring gpu usagi e.
it was okay a few day ago i could play some light games like mta, hoi 4 without any problems
but now it got pretty hot where i live i tried playing games but it was ending in laptop shutdowns well i thought i was something with cpu becouse it was running hot like 90c+
well i had no idea this would be gpu related so todays evening i tried to play something but endup in immediate shutdown well i was watching a serial whole day idk nothing heavy like intel igpu was doing that. so ive recorded how it looks like
also it has kernel 41 (63) error.
i tried few thing like i turned it off in device controls
intel igpu works fine, i turned on a occt cpu stress for 10m its fine
reinstaling instaling drivers did nothing, older ones too.
Well if you can just be honest and tell me if the gpus dead already i would be grateful i woulndt waste anymore time with it
ah also gpu is gtx860m idk if thats important.


Update your post to include laptop hardware specs and OS information.

How old is the laptop and what maintenance/cleaning has been done? Any warranty left?

Battery and charger - age, condition, status?

What errors, if any, do you see in Reliability History? (Event Viewer noted.)

Reliability History presents a time line format that can be very revealing.

Look for errors or entry patterns that began "a few days ago".

Look in Update History for any failed or problem updates.

Try the built in Windows troubleshooters. The troubleshooters may find and fix something.

Likewise: "sfc /scannow" and "dism".


Overall objective being to narrow down possible problems either directly or by elimination.
Aug 13, 2022
So answering these questions
its a msi laptop ge60
with a i7 4170hq , gtx860m 8gigs of ram and a 500gb hdd it runs on a newest version of windows 10.
so this laptop isnt really mine i borowed it form a friend for vacations
well its old like 8 yrs old ive heard i had "overheating" issue so i changed the thermal paste
well it dosent have a battery unfortunately also ive checked charger it looks fine everything on sticker match original one
ive looked into reliablity history

here how it looks like theres a few ss
there was livekenrelevent 141 and nvlddmkm errors
and now theres only kernel event tracking on shutdown
update history is fine only something that i stopped on downloading
so i did sfc /scannow showed nothing but dism didnt want to start scaning
i really have no idea if it could be a charger issue, faulty gpu or something on power section like really
forgot to tell as i wake up today i turned on gtx 860m and i put it on a stress test it worked for a 6 min and 30 sec it was running in 91c slowing it self from like 900mhz to 660 and after it just shuted down so it was kinda working? Better from what was yesterday
change i did dism scan nothing.
[==========================100.0%==========================] No component store corruption detected.
The operation completed successfully.
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