Question Well-kept very new pc extremely underperforms - done everything I can


Jan 30, 2019
Hello, I really appreciate you taking the time to read this and give a response. I will be watching this thread like a hawk because it's top priority for me.
To sum it up, a couple months ago, built a new rig. I've been in the hardware community for years, except didn't have a built rig of my own (have built 4-5 for friends/family) and decided now was the time. It has constantly been a hassle trying to get this thing to perform as it should. Symptoms are as follows:
EXTREME stuttering in every game except very light workloads such as minecraft, roblox, etc. Sometimes it stutters even in fortnite.
Rendering issues for different games, MW especially (normal game and warzone). Meshes are distorted or not even present, textures won't load and are extremely nasty. Freezes all the time in menus. In here, the stuttering is worse. There are some other games I play that fit this category.
There are some common themes I've seen. This is universal across every game: Whenever I make a move (whether it be shooting a gun, crouching for the fist time, moving my head really fast in vr, making a table get knocked over in vr) causes a stutter. Stutters and framerates are horrible for the first 5 - 10 minutes before I launch a game.
Userbenchmark sees every component as incredibly underperforming. Except my ram. I tightened timings and boosted it 133 mhz and it still is only in the 54th percentile for its model.
I can't hit any overclocks with my gpu at ALL. For the first time I downloaded MSI afterburner I set the power limit higher and fixed a lot of the stuttering issues, except after a DAY they came back. I've tried flashing to a v64, but I get the dots and flashes all over my screen that you get when you overdo a gpu oc so obviously that's not healthy.
ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED!! Oh my god you have no idea how stressful it is to put 650 dollars into your first personal rig and have it be absolute trash.
To avoid unnecessary questions:
Yes, gpu drivers are up to date
I have installed my chipset drivers
I've reinstalled gpu drivers
Windows update is up to date
I've done tons of different tweaks in the bios for my cpu, except none get them to 50th percentile. It always stays at 35-40th. So, I pulled the CMOS hoping a bios reset would help, but didn't do anything.
I've done as many performance boost techniques in windows as possible (such as ultimate performance power option, activating all cpu cores, turning down all of my global graphics settings in radeon settings to as performance as I can get it, etc.)
I have an msi a320 a pro max mobo, and I've seen GREAT things on youtube and assorted benchmark websites with people running this board with the 3600. It's not the chipset, I promise.
Temps are also fantastic. I have a coolermaster masterbox q300l and 6 aftermarket 120mm fans. In every case slot possible
r5 3600
vega 56 (msi air boost oc)
2x4gb 3000mhz ram (oc to 3133 mhz @ cl14)
msi a320m a pro max mobo
1tb seagate barracuda hdd 7200 rpm 32 mb cache
thermaltake smart 80+ 500w
masterbox q300l
6 pack of uphere fans
asiahorse black/grey custom cables

I ordered an ssd (1tb crucial p1 nvme ssd) a week ago in case that was the issue. I think it got lost in shipping. Looks like my luck is the worst it could possibly be.

Again, anything helps. I am completely out of ideas.


Jan 30, 2019
I would think the 8GB of system memory and 4GB of gpu memory are very limiting especially for CoD MW.
The vega 56 has 8gb of vram. Not an issue there
I was originally thinking its bc of the 8gb of ram but there are thousands of people who are out there with 8gb and it doesnt seem that they all have my same issues
ive been contemplating buying new ram but until im sure its ram i'll hesitate.. I already have to figure out what happened to the ssd i ordered bc fedex and b&h are not giving me any updates at all