Well, uh...


Oct 2, 2012
hey. I'mma go ahead and say I have 0 idea if I'm in the right forum for this, and if not I'm sorry. I'm building a computer and I'm worried about my wifi. We live in Berea, Kentucky, USA, we have Windstream as our service provider, and there's a motom (is that what it's called) connected to our Home PC, that also connects to a router. I'm sitting about 50ft. away from it, (2 doors inbetween) and im getting 2-3 bars. not too great. My PC setup is about 20-25 ft. away with 1 door inbetween. If I build my computer with just the case, gpu, cpu, psu, mobo, hdd, ssd, ram, and optical drive/OS installed, will I be able to connect? Do I need a wifi card? can I run wires and get better internet? I'm 100 percent clueless after the physical building process, please help ;-;


Sep 29, 2012
If you have the option run a ethernet cable from your PC to the router. This will always give you better speed and performance than any wireless. Most motherboards have at least one ethernet port built in.

If you want wireless you will need to buy some form of wireless device. You can use internal cards or you can use external USB devices. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

All will come down to how hard it is to get the wire run, when you only have a short distance to go like you do you may be able to hide it between the carpet and the baseboard.

If he did not have power lines in the area, he would have a pretty hard time using all the computer equipment, lights, etc...

The new powerline equipment is pretty decent though, may be a good solution.