Question Well, where are you hiding powersw port?

Aug 10, 2019
Hey guys, so, I am not too tech savvy and I will be the first to admit as much. My pc, which I got second hand, has been running just fine for the past half year, but today it decided that it's out. While power seems to be supplied to the computer (things that depend on it for power do light up as normal), the pc itself does not respond to me pressing the power button.

So I think to myself, okay, lets see if it is the power button that has kicked the bucket. I open up the pc to rewire to the reset button, but of course I cannot for the life of me figure out where the heck the powersw and resetsw ports are. I do just fine with things in theory, but when it comes to practice, I am useless.

Because visuals makes everything better, at least for someone like me who cannot navigate a motherboard, here's a few pictures of what it looks like:

Any help to try and find the power sw and reset sw ports is so so so appreciated. Obviously I will need to replace the power button if that is the issue, but before I tackle that I just wants to make sure it's the actual problem.