Question went from 3dmark 6500 to 4500 in 2 years


Oct 2, 2009
i have a 3 year old i7-9750 and rtx 2060 sager laptop on windows 11. i originally could run time spy at 6400 (i can see my old score). after installing warzone 2.0 and getting terrible fps i have rerun 3dmark and i only get 4500. the gpu and cpu scores are both 4500 and were about 6500 each before. i can't figure out if my computer is slowly dying or what. when i play warzone 1.0 it still seems to run pretty fine, it's warzone 2.0 and 3dmark that really have shown some age i suppose. laptop runs just fine in regular applications, ie not gaming.

a while back some water spilled on my laptop and i let it dry out and it was fine after. i say "fine" meaning i didn't notice any hit on fps in call of duty. maybe this is what really affected the performance some how, i really can't say. it seems like a steep reduction in performance after only owning for 3+ years. any ideas or diagnostics i could run to see what component(s) are malfunctioning? thanks.


Change. Especially in software. You are operating under the assumption that your pc has seen no change in the last several years. Windows updates, security updates, anti-cheat software, driver updates, time-spy updates, there's multiple changes that have happened, even microcode updates for stuff like Spectre and Meltdown which can have a negative impact on performance.