Went to buy i5 2400 + ASUS P8H61 but they insisted me on getting ASUS


Sep 30, 2011
I went to a store to buy i5 2400 + ASUS P8H61 but they insisted me on getting ASUS P8P67. They said with the p8h61 i5 2400 would not perform well i should get a p67 chipset to get decent performance from the i5 2400.

until this point i didnt know anything about 'motherboard being effective at the pc performance' i thought motherboard supporting your cpu was enough.

So did they said the truth or basically sold me an expensive motherboard?
Well, we need more than this, no one can tell you if made a good buy if we don't what you paid, or what you plan to use it for.
1. What was the price of the H61 board?
2. What was the price of the P67 board?
3. What do you intend the main use of this build to be?


Aug 25, 2011
the h61 is limited, and does limit performance.

I think there would be a marginal performance hit, but you would lack a lot of 'features' for future upgradability.

If you were sure you didn't need the 'features', the board would've been fine.

FPS drop in game I imagine (no benchies at hand) would be 3-5 at most, limited memory bandwidth, no sata-600 or usb3, less pci lanes (less expansion slots I'm guessing).


Yeah, you have been up-saled... the p67 would be perfect if you could overclock your CPU, but you cannot. There is almost no difference between 1333 and 1600 ram in real world performance... Hell my DDR2 still rocks at 800MHz
Whether you buy 1333mhz memory or 1600mhz memory has absolutely no bearing what so ever on which board you bought. You should have done your homework better. You do understand that 1600mhz memory runs at 1333mhz by default? You have to overclock it to get it to run 1600mhz. Memory is not sold at the speed it runs at, it is sold at the fastest speed it is guaranteed to work at. The speed it actually runs at is set by the motherboard CPU combo. You can put 2000mhz memory on the h61 board. It will run at 1333mhz.