Apr 4, 2011

router model number.

Seems to be lagging a LOT lately. Before when i first started my service I was fine for a while had lag once in a while yes but now it's getting unbearable. I have to shut down my router for 5 minutes to get it to start up better.
Also, the router gets VERY hot sometimes just seems much hotter than normal. so, I put it on top of my tower on the top fan to blow on it. and that seems to fix the heating all together.

I've looked into firmware updates and many other things nothing has come up. I'm getting tired of this service seeming to crap on me at the worst times.

I am an mmo gamer. (I've been getting latency stuck around 500 for an entire day sometimes and it spikes to 3k+)
I run it basically all day aside at night i turn it off.
Also, my gf plays wow on her notebook.

i was doing fine with 3mb/s before but it seems like something isn't working as it should be.
Verizon has been saying nothing is wrong it's me. well Maybe there right. But, then again the router isn't me considering it's from them.

just curious if there are other ways to find what the problem is. I live in the country as well.