Western digital sata hard drive WD10EARS


May 12, 2012
I took my Western Digital 1TB drive out of the supplied casing as it just stopped working.
I put it in one of my computers (Win 7, ASRock motherboard, 1GB RAM, Sata/IDE dual connectivity, and i got nothing. I used a connection which my current 2nd drive 320GB sata drive is connected to and working. Do I need to do anything to the 1TB drive to get it to work as an internal drive. I have lots of data on there and I am trying to save it.
If it is an already formatted drive and it is working, your system should automatically recognize it.

WHen an external drive fails, the problem is either the USB (or other) interface or the drive. The only way to reliably test is to install the bare drive in a PC.

If the BIOS can see the drive but the OS cannot, the drive mechanism has failed, you are pretty much out of luck without resorting to "big bucks" data recovery.

If the BIOS cannot see the drive, you have a small chance. It is possible that the drive electronics died, but the drive mechanism is still OK. In that case, you may be able to recover your data by replacing the printed circuit board from an identical (including version) drive.