Western Digital WD Green 2 TB


Nov 22, 2013
I'm in need of a data storage (mostly movies) drive. I have a 256gb SSD for my main drive / boot drive.

I've been looking at the Western Digital WD Green 2TB on Newegg but I'm concerned by the sheer number of reviews complaining of DOA drives. Are there better options for a movie / media drive? I'd much rather it be an internal drive but I'm not totally opposed to an external option.
Hey there, burninatorthech43!

WD Green drives are a really good secondary storage solution. They are quiet and cool, not really big on speed but they are not really designed to be accessed regularly. They can also be used in external cases as a reliable backup storage.
You mentioned you want a media / movie drive, but I'm not sure if you mean just storing them on that drive or using it to stream them as well? In which case, I can suggest you another internal HDD which is the WD Blue drive. It is a reliable storage solution for everyday computing. It's not as big on capacity (1TB max) as the WD Greens, but it is a qualified storage for your computer. And a lot of users prefer these HDDs next to their SSDs.

Since you mentioned the external as an option as well, I'd suggest you to take a look at WD My Passport Ultra and WD Elements. Both externals offer up to 2TB capacity with USB 3.0 interface which makes them also pretty fast.

You should check out these suggestions and decide for yourself what suits you best! Hope I helped! :)
Keep me posted with your decision and if you need any further assistance!