Westinghouse Monitor ?


Oct 20, 2008
Im about to buy a new HDTV and i just put my eye on this screen : Westinghouse VM-47F140S 47" Widescreen HD LCD Monitor

Damn 849.97 for a 47po 1080p Monitor. No tuner ... but NM i got an HD cable box. ( im working for a local Cable TV distributor... Like shaw and others ) Reviews seems fine over the web, but my main question is about lifespan... anyone here buyed one of those ? Had any trouble ? You liked it ?

A samsung 46" cost TWICE here ...

THX alot !

Edit : Forgot to had that my HTPC ( in sig ) is going to be hook to this screen for light gaming ( racing game ) and Watch movie-internet and other use.


Jun 5, 2009
I have a 42" Westinghouse 1080p LCD. Only had it for about 8-10 months, but haven't had one problem. I use it for Xbox, HTPC, regular TV; never had one problem. Great TV's for the price. I picked up my 42" at Costco Wholesale for $699, went back for a second one a few hours later because of the price- my Sammy 42" Plasma was $899 that I was returning.

Long story short, I'm very pleased.