What 1050 is better?

You're paying 5% more for the EVGA card for only a 0.85% increase in boost clock speed.

The better price/performance deal is the MSI card.

Actually, the MSI card has an additional $5 shipping fee, while the EVGA card has "free shipping", and they both offer a rebate for the same amount, so those two models should work out to be the same price.

I agree with SkyNetRising's suggestion of a dual-fan card though, as the larger cooler will likely allow the fans to run at lower speeds, keeping your system quieter, and cooling the card better under load. That card is only $2 more, though it has a smaller rebate as well, which would make the final price $7 more (assuming all the rebates go through properly). I would personally consider the larger cooler to be worth the difference in price, though that might be less important to you.