Question What 144Hz 1080p monitor to buy?

What would you choose (tell me why)?

  • AOC C24G1

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  • MSI MAG241C

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  • Samsung C24FG73

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  • Other VA monitor

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  • Other TN monitor

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May 11, 2019
Hi, please help me pick the right monitor for:
  • online first-person shooters (CS:GO, Battlefield etc.);
  • movies;
  • reading websites and working with Word/PDF documents.
I'm ready to spend ~350$ at most. A GPU that I'm thinking to use it with is likely a GTX 1660.

  • Have no noticeable pixels/blur/ghosting/overshoot/any stuff that may tire my eyes and/or fatigue me.
  • Have no defects or issues like flickering etc.
  • Be highly responsive (fully controllable crosshair movement that responds to mouse movement as fast and presicely as possible).
I did some research which led me to just 3 choices: AOC C24G1, MSI MAG241C, Samsung C24FG73.
I found complaints about noticeable blur and visible pixels, uneven/too bright backlight (bleeding?..) on the AOC, high number of defective MSI MAG241C units (bad pixels, screen "blueness" or some other troubles). As for the Samsung - you can read some reviews below:
Samsung CFG73 Review (C24FG73)
Samsung C24FG73 Review
MSI Optix MAG241C or AOC C24G1?
AOC C24G1 vs Samsung C24FG73
Samsung CFG70 weird responsiveness issue (CFG70 and CFG73 have the same VA panel) - confirmed in the review

VA response time is 4 ms compared to 1 ms TN, and the Motion Blur Reduction function ("1 ms MPRT") messes with brightness + causes eye fatigue.

May be there's no good and fast VA monitor for online FPS and I should go for TN? E.g. iiyama GB2560HSU-B1, LG 24GM79G-B, AOC G2590PX.

On the other hand, 144Hz TN monitors have the other visual issue - inversion artifacts (scan lines).
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Feb 26, 2019
Id suggest an Acer KG271- i have it, its so dope. 1ms response, 144 hz, 1920x1080 full HD- csGO looks so much smoother on it than on my previous 66 hz monitor and movies are completely HD with gorgeous colours. Highkey recommend it, its a bargain, too!