What about this build


Jun 29, 2011
this cpu is going to be buyed after 6-7 months..currently the specs are
monitor ..a budget based monitor lg e2041t (1600x900)res monitor..(ALREADY BUYED)
cpu..currenly i5 2500 but waiting for bulldozer to arrive ..
motherboard ..intel dh67cl motherboard if amd benchmarks are good than i52500 will go for a am3+ socket supporting mobo without overclocking..
graphic card ..ati 6950 2gb(2gb because for future proof for 4-5 years)
psu.....corsair 750tx
cabinet ..dont know ..a good gaming budget cabinet with very good looking...

as the monitor res is only 1600x900 i think this graphic card is enough for future..i would go for a 2gb card because today almost all the cards are of 1gb version ..so at present games like crysis2 already requires 1-1.2gig of vram..so future games wii surely require more vram..in accordance to that 2gb card is decided ..eyefinity setup will not be there..pls tell ur suggestions and say if any changes has to be made with the card.