What aircooler for the i5 6600 until 150mm? (Gammax 200T, Gammaxx 300 or Coolermaster H412R)


Mar 16, 2017
Hello all,
First, this is my rig:

i5 6600
GTX 1060 6GB
8GB DDR4 Hyper X Fury
Seasonic S12II 620w.
Case PCYes! Java (supports coolers of until 150mm)

My CPU is getting pretty hot while in full load. To have an idea it got at 87º Celsius when it was 35ºC room temp. I live in Rio de Janeiro, so it's not uncommon to be even hotter than this in the summer (which it's about to start).

I really liked the Gammaxx 400 but it's 154.5mm which would probably fit, but I rather have a little bit of room. So I turned to the Gammaxx 300 and 200T. I also saw the CoolerMaster H412R and H411R. Which one would be the better choice?

Please considered easiness to install because I don't have a lot of experience in this field and one that does not hit the RAM. Preferable that it can be installed without taking the motherboard out of the case. I don't really care about looks or noise (as long is not louder than the stock then it's fine).

Since saying my budget won't help a lot, I'll put the prices of these coolers below along with the conversion from Google.

Cooler Master Hyper H411R - R$ 109,90 = 29.38 United States Dollar
Cooler Master Hyper H412R - R$ 135,90 = 36.33 USD
DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX 400 - R$129,01 = 34.49 USD
DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX 300 - R$89,90 = 24.04 USD
DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX 200T - R$66,79 = 17.86 USD

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