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Question What Am I Looking for in a Good Monitor? / Help Me Pick

Aug 27, 2019
I just completed my brand new computer build, but just decided that if I am going to enjoy it properly I want to also upgrade my monitor. However, I feel dumb because I have no idea what I am looking for for my needs: Do I want a 27 inch? A 32 inch? Curved Screen? Refresh rate? 1440p? Response time? DCR? (I could go on, lol). So, I figured I would ask on here.

What kind of monitor should I be looking at for my usage and current build?
Here are some of my options I can choose from as of right now. Price is a priority for me, but definitely want a monitor that will be good for what I use for it and to feel like an upgrade. Let me know if any of these jump out at you as definitely yes or no:
  • #1: Sceptre E275W-19203R - 27inch, 75mhz, 5ms, $109
  • #2: AOC 27B2H - 27inch, 75mhz, 8ms, $139
  • #3: BenQ GL2780 - 27inch 75mhx, 1ms, $139
  • #4: Philips 272E1CA - 27inch, curved, 75mhz, 5ms, $179
  • #5: Acer EZ321Q - 32inch, 60mhz, 4ms, $179
  • #6: AOC C32V1Q - 32inch, curved, 60mhz, 4ms, $179
  • #7: Phillips 322E1C - 32inch, curved, 75mhz, 4ms, $199
  • #8: HP 4WH45AA#ABA - Mnftr Reburished, 32inch, 1440p, 60hz, 5ms, $199