Question What are good apps to detect fps, cpu and gpu wattage, cpu and gpu temps?


What problem(s) if any is the host system experiencing? Or is the requirement to simply observe the listed parameters?

No specific applications (full disclosure) here.

However, I will offer the suggestion (depending on the problems being encountered and/or the parameters to be measured) that multiple tools be used.

Each tool can have various strengths and weaknesses plus some inherent + or - degree of accuracy. If not used properly or understood, making changes could make things worse. Especially if you allow some such tool to make the "adjustments".

You can learn quite a bit about how any given system is working or performing via Task Manager, Resource Monitor, and Process Explorer.

(Process Explorer, Microsoft - free):

You can also look in Reliability History, Event Viewer, and Update History to learn even more about your build and how it is performing.

Getting a sense of what is normal provides you a base from which to determine if, for example, some FPS change, is a problem or not. Or some change will truly make a end user noticeable improvement.

Measurements are indeed important. Understanding what those measurements actually mean along with any changes that happen is more important.

Just my thoughts on the matter.