Question What are my options for better internet in my new apartment?


Apr 26, 2014
I just moved into a new apartment and my roommate had already set up the internet. I am a newbie when it comes to networking, but I have little to no internet connection from my room and I also need an ethernet connection for my desktop. It is my understanding that he has a modem/router combo provided by CenturyLink plugged into the DSL port on the wall in his room. Running ethernet from that box into my room is not an ideal option. I bought a WiFi range extender that has an ethernet port, but that doesn't solve the poor connection problems. My roommate thinks I can simply plug a router into the DSL port in my room and it'll connect to the modem/router in his room, but I'm not sure that's how it works from what I've read online.

I know I didn't provide model numbers or anything, but I can obtain more specifics if that would be useful. I am weary to purchase more hardware until I have a better grasp on a solution.

Thanks for the help!
The wall jacks are likely phone jacks which means you can not run ethernet over them. You might be able to buy a completely separate internet connection from the phone company. This may or may not be possible it depends first if there are extra wires for the phone company to use and then if they will do it in the first place. Some times they do not want 2 accounts at the same address.

I would consider powerline network. They use the electical wires to provide a connection between your room and his room so you can plug into the router.

Note it depends what you mean by ideal. Ethernet is always the best option even if it take a lot of effort to get it installed. Once it is done you never worry about it again. Just depends if you can tolerate things like cable taped to the ceiling.


A lot depends on where the wall mounts are and the layout of the apartment. Is there any way you could come up with a sketch of the apartment floor plan and where the wall mounts are and what type (cable, phone, Ethernet) they are?

Use a third party image hosting site like to post an image here at Tom's

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