What are some cheap (or the cheapest you know) DVID to VGA converters?


Dec 4, 2012
So I have a Graphics card that needs to be connected to a DVI-D cord and my monitor is VGA. I learned the hard way that the cheap adapters do not work, and I now know I need full on converters. I realize these fetch quite a hefty price, but does anyone know some that are considered "cheap" in the world of HDMI/DVI-D to VGA converters?

Thanks a lot!
Its only when converting to or from Displayport do you need to really worry about the converter.
DVI to VGA adapters are pretty cheap since they both have analogue signals in them (though given the chance DVI will use a digital signal). When converting from DVI to VGA all you are doing is changing the shape of the connector.


Correct chalk, sort of. DVI-A and DVI-I will handle the adapter just fine. A DVI-D will not. A and I both contain the analog pins, but DVI-D doesn't. It's digital only. If your GPU only has DVI-D ports, the adapter won't work. Which is why I was asking if s/he's sure s/he needs that adapter as most cards ship with DVI-I on them.

Edit: For anyone confused on this scroll down to the connector info.