What are the chances for motherboard damage


Jan 7, 2012
I have a Dell Inspiron Laptop, i was doing my work with charging the battery, and accidently laptop had switched off. then i think it may be a problem with charger or battery, but its not. then i went to a Dell service center then without opening the laptop that people said, its a issue with mother board, and u have to replce it, and unfortunately i dont have warranty. so it there any possibility to repair locally or own self(like soldering)..

Did dell test the power supply or battery? Not much you can do to repair a board. The surface mount devices are pressed on with special equipment. You'll have to have the board tested locally, and the cost and time lost may not be worth it. Check ebay for prices first. I tried replacing a laptop board, and it's harder than working with simple desktop boards due to the tiny connectors and tight fit in the shell.