What are the ISPs that do not have a data cap


Nov 14, 2011
i need to move out of the house into a place closer to school. i will be moving to culver city in california soon. my rent does not include interest so i am shopping around right now. i was wondering what are the high speed ISPs that do not have a data cap.
but honestly i dont mind a data cap that slows down my speed after x amount of data. i just want to avoid those ISPs that charge after a certain amount like ATT.
so far i believe verizon and time warner do not have a data cap. are there other ones without one? what are the ones with a data cap that throttle your speed?
thanks for looking.
ditto on the Comcast. It is pretty had to hit 250GB a month unless you stream Netflix all day long and download a ton of stuff. If you are a heavy "file sharer", you might hit this or come close to hitting it. I know someone that knows someone that went over this once and never got a letter or anything.