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Question What are the most easy to build in cases?

Jun 14, 2020
I recently tried to install a new hdd in my case and there isn't actually enough space to fully screw in the HDD on the left side. My hand doesn't even fit in the space and even with an extremely short screwdriver, I can't fit it in the space. I'm somewhat new to PC building and completed my first build a few months ago. I don't really have a huge budget but could someone show me some of the best cases for easily installing everything?

Math Geek

you're looking for wide open spaces when looking at the pictures.

for instance i just built a system with one of these


wide open with lots of room. i had no issue putting everything into this.

look at where the pcie slots will be and see if any hdd cages or other obstacles are in the way. you've seen what a bad case looks like, now think about what changes you'd make and look for that :)

"best" is relative to your needs. there are other things to consider like front ports, fan sizes and locations. radiator space if you use one. rgb if you want it and so on. i went no frills cause its what i like but you may want all the flashing lights and not care about front ports or want different ones.