What are the requirements for gta 4 for windows 7 home basic


Aug 25, 2012
i have installed gta 4 but the game is not working properly game is getting stuck and suddenly screen is dancing lol my laptop configuration is intel core i3-2330m
(2.2Ghz, 3MB l3cache)
NVIDIA Ge Force GT S40m, upto 2741 MB turbo cache.
4 gb ddr3 memory
640 GB hard disk
what else do i need ?? :( :cry:
theres nothing you need apart from patches. 1.4 is the most usefull but if that doesnt work go up to 1.7. the biggest grip people have is that the game only works well on a ballanced machine. if its to cpu heavy you get sluggish fps. if its gpu heavy you get 60 fps but stuttering pauses and texture pops.
it plays ok on a amd 6000x2 88gt setup but its very poot on an i5 2500k gtx 570 setup... personally i had no issue with it but then again my system is reasonably well balanced atm... although that will change in january when the gtx 7 series come out.