Question What are these white spots on my CPU?

Sep 17, 2019
Hey everyone,
So about 2 weeks ago I changed out my thermal applicant as I usually do every year just to keep my temps normal.

After I changed out my applicant and applied the normal pea sized dab of thermal paste, I put my heatsink back on as normal and booted up after waiting 20 mins and decided to run a RealTemp stress test to see how the temps would hold up.
And the temps were fine after 10 mins.

Perfect actually.

But then my PC completely froze up and became unresponsive and I feared the worst.

I took off my heatsink again and cleaned off the applicant and I noticed a small bit of applicant that was on the edge of the Cpu near the edge of the socket.

I gently lifted up the CPU out of the socket to clean the edge and then placed it back into the socket and replaced the applicant and started all over again.
And for 30 mins, It held up great but froze up again and shut down and became completely unresponsive when attempting to power on.

Fearing the worst, I lifted my Cpu out of the socket and discovered that there was a bent pin inside the inner grid of pins and my heart sank. (I still have NO IDEA how that pin managed to get bent as it was near the inner most grid and the pin was never like that until I took the CPU out to look.)
After 3 hours I tried bending the pin back into position using a sewing needle and a magnifying glass and I eventually got it back to the near position it was in.
I decided I would give it one more go and I put the Cpu back into the socket and redid the thermal applicant and it booted up fine and ran for 30 mins before giving me a BSOD and tried to restart but failed.

After manually attempting to restart,
The CPU was entirely unresponsive to the point where none of my fans would spin up nor would my GPU respond but my case LEDs were active.

After about a week I let it sit and my brother attempted to boot up my PC to play some Overwatch unknowingly oblivious to the issue I had with my Cpu,
And to my amazement,
It fully booted up and went past the login screen and stayed fine for 5 minutes before freezing up again.

I ordered a new motherboard and cooler and I became curious if the CPU is actually damaged or dead or not.
So I took it out of the socket and flipped it over and gently cleaned the bottom with a non-microfiber cloth and 50% isopropyl alchohol and I noticed there are some areas with "white marks" that don't seem to come off and are only on certain contact areas of the chip and they are only visible under bright light.

Seen here:

I am curious as to what these marks could be and if this means my Cpu is dead or damaged.
Or if these are just normal to find and they may be from manufacturing?
I've never taken a close enough look at the bottom of the chip to see if these were there previously sadly.

But any info regarding what these marks may be and if the Cpu is safe to use would be a huge help.
Mainly due to the fact that I currently do not have the funds to buy a new i7-6700 at the moment and I have this new motherboard and cooler I worked 2 weeks to gain.

Any help is appreciated :)

I decided to take a closer look at my old dead motherboard to see if it could give me some clues as to what these white marks on my Cpu are,
And upon closer inspection I noticed there is this "white residue" within the socket and on some of the pins as well in the same areas where the white marks are on my Cpu.

Seen here:

I don't think this is thermal applicant,
As I have never even gone near this area with any form of thermal applicant and the thermal applicant I use is dark gray and not white.
And, It seems almost "dust" like.
It looks as if it's some kind of corrosion and I managed to take a sewing needle and scrape some off the base of the socket and it seemed very dry and almost stuck to base.
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