Question What are your favorite MMO's?

Aug 31, 2019
Please name a title, and if you like you can explain why you like it so much. :)

I personally bore with mmo's quickly, so it's very hard to find one that I can stick with. (most mmo's are too grind-based, which make it boring)
Longest MMO I was into was lotro, but kind of lost interest/got annoyed when the mounted combat got forced upon me. Now every time I think of logging in I get this "..uugh mounted combat" and put off playing the game.


City of Heroes (Homecoming). Classic game, played it for 9 years when it was originally out. Didn't have to manually dodge attacks since Defense was based on roll (combat similar to WoW). It has some of the most Interesting story arcs I've encountered in a MMO and be far probably the friendliest communities you'll ever meet in a game. Everyone was super nice back in the day and the same people have returned. The only ones who talk smack are pvper's but they pretty much have there own server and it's in good fun anyways. As for costumes everything is unlocked from the moment you make a character, don't expect anyone to have similar costumes/looks. The game is older so don't expect the best graphics but it's far from bad and looks good if you have a updated system or it's easy to play on older hardware. I was able to play at 60 FPS @1440x900 on Low preset with a T6400 (dual core from 2009), 4gb memory & a GTS 9800M 512mb (LOL). On a Ryzen 2600, 16gb DDR4 & a RX 580 4gb the game looks fantastic on High settings and only starts to dip with larger raids. If you do decide to try out COH PM me and i'll you get it setup and teach you the basics of the game.

Edit: I also wanted to add, do actually story arcs and avoid radio missions if you get easily bored. Radios are fine to do with a good size team for XP but can be quite repetitive and really the only reason to do them is to get new Contacts.

Next would be Blade & Soul, fun F2P game with amazing graphics, good martial arts combat & an excellent story. The downside is an elitist community during endgame. Minor mistakes in end game dungeons and be expected to be kicked from the team. If you try this game out find a guild that promotes newer endgame help and watch tutorials for dungeons. If you don't care for endgame stuff the story & lvl 1-65 is fun enough on it's own if you don't mind soloing.

I've played quite a few but those are my tops.
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Sep 30, 2019
As you said, grinding is a playing condition for MMOs (at least most of them, I can't recall any that doesn't).
So if grinding is a big issue for you, possibly MMO is not your genre.

From all the titles I played, WoW was the one I dedicated most of the time mostly because of the connections/friends I made. Grind with friends is easier and depending with who you play, it can be really fun. Grind alone is hard.

Last 2 years of my WoW adventure I focused only on leveling + playing pvp.
Every PVP match is different and in some way pushes you away from the grinding feeling.

WoW classic came out and I am giving a try hoping to have a similar experience I had back then.