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Have you ever wandered into the Trophy page? -

have you ever clicked on one of them and then chosen the most answers tab?

Have you ever wondered what the up/down arrows mean? I know I have and its taken me a few months to figure it out

  • If you above the position you were previous month, it shows a negative figure, and a down arrow
  • if you stay same position, it shows +0 and an arrow to the right
  • if you below your position of previous month it shows a positive figure. and an up arrow
  • People with no arrows/numbers were not on charts previous month

The figure itself showing the difference between months.

it isn't much but its one less mystery solved. It appears the forums think your perfect position was what you had last month and you should work to always be in same place, as then its happy and shows no difference.

This only explains charts on nodes, I can't tell you what values next to names on Billboard mean -

maybe if I could track every users position I could tell you.
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