What brand and what model are the top rated


Jan 14, 2008
There are too many brands and models to pick a motherboard out. I have always had bad luck picking motherboards out. Usually a defect because I bought on price.

I want the best motherboard for video editing!!!!!!
and Microsoft flight sim!!

Is there a list of the best motherboards for quality and speed.
I would love to get the qx9650 or qx6800 or any other CPUs in that range but only if the motherboard wasn't too expensive. I would settle for getting the best motherboard and a mid cpu and upgrading the cpu at a later date.
What is your thoughts everyone?


May 19, 2007
Gigabyte makes excellent quality motherboards. In my opinion, and from my experience, MSI makes quality boards too. I have also heard good things about DFI and ASUS, but I have also heard that it depends on the board. Looking at the reviews on Newegg can help you figure out if the board is problematic. I do not rely on the rating, but if you read through the reviews, you can see if there have been lots of problems you want to avoid. Remember that some of those people don't know what they are doing, so not all of the problems are the manufacturer's fault.

I cannot believe that Conumdrum was so rude. You posted under the motherboard forum. It seems obvious you are asking about motherboards.

Someone here that has more experience can help you more than me, like AUsch30.


Dec 17, 2003

but what features do you need (e.g. RAID, firewire etc.) - as you say without a more specific idea of your needs there are too many options.