Question What cable needed for dell xps 15 9550 laptop to connect with 4K Monitor or TV?


Oct 3, 2013
Hey all. I have an old dell xps 15 9550 and been using it since late 2016 so its pretty old but works fine.

I use it to play online poker while having it connected to two monitors. Both monitors are 24 inch and 1920 x 1200 resolution. I need minimum this resolution so i could play tables without any overlap. I could put 4 full size tables on each monitor without an issue so 8 total. Now with one monitor, i use a hdmi to hdmi cable... the other monitor... i have this usb-c to displayport cable... my laptop has that thunderbolt 3 or the usb-c port on it... so that is the other connection to the other monitor.

Now I am most likely going to get a 4K TV or monitor and most likely a 43 inch tv and would like to connect my laptop to it. The reason is because i know with that resolution, I could put a lot of full size tables on it.... even more than my current setup of two monitors combined. My issue though is because my laptop is pretty old, I read it only has hdmi 1.4 and if you want 4k resolution at 60hz or higher, you need hdmi 2.0. Is that correct? Someone said if i try to use my laptop with the cable i currently have... like an hdmi to hdmi or the usb-c to displayport with the TV... then it would display 30 hz and my mouse movements would be lagging so much, it would be impossible to use. Can anyone confirm this?

Also this is the tv I will most likely buy and use it connected to my laptop.

TCL 43S425 43 Inch 4K

Now if I want to use my laptop with this TV as my primary monitor, which cable would i need to buy on amazon?

Is it something like this?

What I do have with me is a hdmi to hdmi cable and this cable that I connect the two monitors to my laptop at the moment. I assume this wouldn't work since its not hdmi 2.0?