Question What cable should I use to connect rx 550 to a monitor that supports vga

Nov 9, 2020
I have an RX 550 4GB graphics card. I installed it on the motherboard and connected it to the Lcd using an HDMI to VGA converter and then attached a VGA cable to the VGA end of the converter. There was no display on the screen

RX 550 has two other ports. A DVI-D (Dual-link) and a D-port/display port. I have searched a lot but cannot find a DVI-D to VGA converter in the market. And I haven't tried a D-port cable that has VGA on the other end. The HDMI to VGA converter is working fine with my laptop. So, that's not an issue with the converter nor the VGA cable.

What should I Do? What possibly is the problem? Should I keep looking for a DVI-D to VGA converter or a D to VGA converter/cable? Or there's some issue with the motherboard or software related problem?


Have you ever seen one of these?

Go through pretty much any computer parts bin and you'll find one. They used to come included in the GPU box.
This won't work for a DVI-D connection since it's digital, those adapters are for for the analog DVI.

What I would do is simply buy a cheap used monitor with HDMI for like $40 or 50, plenty of cheap 22" models around.