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Question What can cause buzzing/coil whine? not the usual suspects...

Oct 11, 2019
Hi, so I rebuilt my system here are the specs:
x470 Asus Prime Pro
32 GB Crucial Ballistix
2x 1080Ti
2x NVMe

I initially built it and all was fine, then my custom loop had a small leak and I pulled it apart and rebuilt it. That was when I started hearing a buzzing when the GPUs go under load. Since then I did the following:

swapped the GPUs around and disabled SLI: does not matter which one is in the first PCIe, it buzzes, even with the other one being turned off

Replaced the PSU: still buzzes

The sound is definitely coming from the GPUs but it is kinda unlikely, that both suddenly started buzzing, right?

the first nvme slot is kind of close to the gpus. can nvmes buzz???

is was too lazy so far to jank all the wiring- faulty cable???

I appreciate your input!

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