Question What can cause high CPU usage except virus?


Nov 22, 2018
This is a riddle for me. I have reinstall windows 3 times. In online games my CPU works harder than usual.
My pc specs:
Msi 570s Torpedo, 5600X,3070Ti,16gb RAM G.skill Ripjaws and Kingston SSD.
I see others with same setups and their usage is around 60% while mine is 70-90% and this cause bottleneck and the GPU has low utilisation in Battlefield 2042.
I ve set motherboard to defaults, all settings like power plans, game mode on or off, overclock and stock, i ve set page file to 8000mb on the SSD, and still CPU refuses to calm down. What else can cause this? I also did a "fix" with a cfg file telling the game to use all threads but this made it even worse. Amy ideas what to check?


Doesn't make any difference. Anything less than 100% is all the same. Usage isn't how much of the cpu is being used, it's how much resources it uses. There's a difference. Resources include all the cpu bound details, time, game code etc. Simply means the cpu is busy and not taking breaks.

Running ultra uses more resources than high. There's more lighting affects, more physX affects, more everything. That's not a bottleneck. That's just the cpu doing what it can do. Any differences to online builds you see will be due to settings in game, not your page or core use. They might have global nvidia 3d settings at performance, yours might be balanced. You might be using a 4k DSR, they might not. You might have Xbox DVR and/or game helper enabled (default), they might have turned it off. DLSS and/or Ray Tracing, driver versions, different ram/configurations or timings etc

They might be running an original, or older version without anti-cheat crap, you might be running full anti-cheat updates.

Just because someone else has similar equipment doesn't automatically make it so you should be the same or better. You have no idea of the temps, voltages run by their cpu, the amount of boost they get or how many cores are boosted. Your pc is nothing like theirs, even with identical components.