What can cause my desktop to become unresponsive and can't turn turn off via power button?

Oct 10, 2018
The unresponsiveness does not happen when my system is under heavy load. One time it happened when I was just browsing and all the other times were overnight. I leave my computer on all the time with Windows locked. There are no weird noises and none of my fans speed up. Basically, the display turns off (no signal detected) and I can't turn the machine off by holding down the power button. I must hit the switch on the back of the PSU. Both my keyboard and mouse has lights, and the mouse lights stay on but my KB key lights turn off.

My PC was built by AvaDirect, however, I've been upgrading it the last few weeks.

  • AMD Threadripper 2990wx (upgraded from 1950x)
    64gb ram (HyperX Fury DDR4 2666MHz) 8x8
    GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 HYBRID GAMING, 1556 - 1670MHz, 11GB GDDR5X
    Two SATA SSDs, three NVME M.2 SSDS, 3 Western Digital Spinners
    MSI X399 Gaming Pro motherboard
1. I overclocked my CPU using MSI Command Center software from 3.0ghz to 3.8ghz. The CPU temperature never goes above 45c during normal operation (and 55c when I'm video editing with heavy effects. I have a liquid cooler (Liqtech TR4 240, 240mm Radiator, 500W TDP, Liquid Cooling System).

2. I just updated Windows 10 with the latest update (the one that deleted people's files, but I didn't have that problem).

3. All of my drivers are up to date. I don't have any viruses.

4. My system is not overheating.

I put my BIOS settings back to default and see if it happens again. But what will cause the system to become unresponsive in this way?

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