Question What can I do to fix my dodgy internet and is it a WiFi problem?

Jul 31, 2019
I live in the UK and I have a Plusnet Hub One router (an ISP standard issue router). My Ethernet connected main computer and Xbox run at top speeds, at around 60 Mbps, which is the fastest offered by my ISP. However, on devices like my laptop I struggle to get more than 20 Mbps. This would normally be fine, as I can plug into Ethernet when I need fast internet, but when i try to stream to devices, I also experience lag and often the WiFi will cut out altogether. The connection can usually be fixed by putting the device into aeroplane mode for a few seconds, but this is incredibly annoying to do every fifteen minutes of Netflix. The same is true with websites; they will stop loading half way through.
I have tried fiddling with the routers channels and made sure all devices are utilising dual band, but to no avail. I don`t mind spending £150 or so on a Router or Mesh network, but would like to know if this would actually solve the problem, or whether the problem lies with something else, such as neighbouring interference. I would greatly appreciate any advice whatsoever on how to fix my issues.

I would also like to know how effective Mesh networks are and whether they are worth the cost. I was looking in particular at the TP-Link Deco E4, but was not sure if i would still need to buy a router for this to work, and whether it supported NAS.