Question What can I do to 'tweak' a Radeon HD 6970 in 2021 to lower temps and noise ?

Jul 29, 2021
Hi :)

I bought a Radeon HD 6970 to go in my 'living room' PC as it was a good price/performance combination but it's by far the loudest thing in the case so there is no 'silent' option for me when browsing/not gaming.

I've repasted it but I know these cards are pretty hot running and the fan only spins down to 20% (can't seem to get 0% working correctly in Afterburner or Catalyst CC)
I'm using the drivers Windows installed as they seem to work as well as the latest version from AMD and don't have much bloat.

I'm well aware this thing is fairly ancient (DX11, 2GB VRAM!) but it runs a lot of stuff pretty well @ 1080p (the cards max res over HDMI) and let's face it, it cost me £30 so I don't expect miracles.
Is there anything else I can do driver/application/mod wise to reduce temps or noise? I'm not wanting to overclock, in fact I already undervolt and downclock a little.

It's a Powercolor dual BIOS version running in:

Ryzen 2600X
12GB DDR3 @ 2666-ish