What can i replace an asus a8m2n mb with/?


Feb 27, 2011
I have a compaq presario media center sr2019uk computer with an Asus A8M2N-LA mb and the other day the screen went all multicolored lines and the pc turned off, when I then went to reboot it the fans and lights come on but no signal to the screen, I have tested the screen and that works plus I have made sure all connects to the mb are ok but it still isnt working, I am not really that computer clever but do pick things up pretty quick and usually google what I need to know to make my pc's work ok, though I have never had any trouble with this machine till now, its about 4.5 years old and I am on a very linited budget. Do I need to replace the mb or would inserting a pci express x16 graphics card fix the problem?