[SOLVED] What card better to buy for my old man i7-3820?

What will it be?

  • RX 580

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  • GTX 1060

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  • 5700

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Aug 14, 2019
I've been running this old horse for long as i can remember - 7 years straight. Decided to upgrade my video card as everybody's saying that my CPU is still kicking well. Right now im running GTX 650 Ti (650w TPS) and its time has passed couple of years ago already.

So i've wanted to ask some experts on this site what do they think is the optimal card to pair up and what will my CPU be able to handle (bottleneck thingy) ?

I'm not aiming for anything higher than 1080p and 60 fps in games and whatnot. The main thing i do want is lifetime and durability of a card. I understand that in our modern age is hard to predict where the technology is going to go but couple of years of comfortable gaming on high settings would be delightful.

So what should i choose in 2019? 1660 ti? 2060? rx 580? 5700? I'm not looking at 1070 and 1080 because in my country you can only by them second-hand :(

P.S. It's my first post and sorry in advance for asking the most common question but for a different CPU :p
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The performance of the card will actually depend on the type of game you will play in future. Some AAA games are graphic demanding, whereas others are light on the GPU/CPU, and can run on a variety of hardware.

Nonetheless, the GTX 1660 TI is a decent 1080p performer.
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